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What are Homemakers?

The Kentucky Extension Homemakers Association (KEHA) is a volunteer organization that works to improve the quality of life for families and communities through leadership development, volunteer service, and education. The organization was developed in cooperation with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Across the state, County Extension Agents for Family and Consumer Sciences work closely with KEHA members and clubs to provide educational programming and coordinate community activities.

Blueberry Cheese Cake Bars

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Blueberry Cheese Cake Bars

Homemaker Programs


September: Savor the Flavor, 8th @10 AM

October: Pickleball, 10th @10 AM

November: Holiday Road Show, 2nd, @10 AM

December: Mail Out lesson: Emergency Information  

January: TBD

February: Healthy Eating Around the World, 10th, @10 AM

March: Self Care and Self Pampering, 14th, @10 AM

April: Healthy Outdoor Cooking, 4th, @10 AM

May: TBD



This a new program for Lee County Homemakers. The program consists of logging different locations you visit in Kentucky. There are different categories within your booklet that will be provided by the office. You can log experiences such as camping, hiking, and memorable dining experiences or locations such as museums, state parks, and more. The booklet is filled with different pages to record your memories with. The goal of this program is to get families out together to learn about heritage and culture. If you are a paid homemaker, please reach out to the office if you are interested in this program. 

This year the Lee County Homemakers are a project where they distribute Emergency cards for people to on them in case of an emergency. So far, over 100 cards have been distributed. If you are interested in this project stop by to pick up the office to pick up cards to hand out.

Lee County Homemaker Officers

President: Pam Campbell

Vice President: Michelle Schmitt

Treasurer: Brenda Campbell



- Lee County Extension Office

Contact Information

259 Industrial Park Rd Beattyville, KY 41311-0546

(606) 464-2759